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Save the Mayfair
Restore A Piece Of History In Your Own Backyard


What's the mayfair?

The historic Mayfair Building in Tyler, Tx was built in the late 1920s by the local Sam R. Hill Construction Company. The Mayfair has been home to many national musical acts such as Elvis, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams & so many more. 

With the threat of destruction to make way for new buildings at the Tyler Fair Grounds, a group of friends banded together, determined to preserve the iconic venue & bring live music back to Tyler.

The Friends of the Mayfair (501c3), along with support from the community, can bring life back into this beautiful piece of history for all of East Texas to enjoy!

This will be no small feat however, the Friends need to raise approximately $1,300,000 to complete the project. Will you join our efforts to Save The Mayfair?


Local Memories

My mother saw Elvis at The Mayfair when she was in her late 20s. As far back as I can remember, I remember going to see concerts & shows at The Mayfair. The building is unique in design, there is not another like it in the world. The Mayfair is worth preserving for it’s unique acoustics & interior layout.
— Mark Thacker, Historical Architect
We are fortunate to live half way between Shreveport & Dallas. The big names would play the weekends in the larger cities & tour locally during the week. Venues like The Mayfair were our only opportunity for live music. We want to Save The Mayfair so people who didn’t get to experience that excitement, can relive it today.
— Jimmie Horton
Growing up in Tyler, The Mayfair was the place to be at for entertainment. I played drums there for the first time in 1959 with Buddy “Bugs” Henderson. This place holds many fond memories for me.
— Ronny Anderson, Friends of the Mayfair

Let's make donating easy for you:


If you'd prefer, you can mail your generous donations to: 
PO Box 133200
Tyler, Texas 75713